Kevin Brand

NSERC/SSHRC Associate Chair in Health Risk Management (under Technological Change Program)
Associate Professor, Telfer School of Management
DMS Building, rm 6149
Phone: 613-562-5800 x1852


B.A.Sc (Toronto), M.S. (Carnegie-Mellon), S.M. (Harvard), Ph.D. (Harvard)

Dr. Brand is an Associate Professor in the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa, and a Principal Scientist within the Institute of Population Health.

Prof Brand's research develops and applies methods that help bridge the science-policy interface within the context of population health.  His publications include pioneering work on uncertainty analysis, including applications to regulatory toxicology, as well as methods for quantifying health impacts.  The latter focus constitutes a prominent theme in his ongoing research.   He is also currently working on frameworks for informing deliberations over the standard of proof, using subjected expected utility calculus.

Prof Brand teaches an introductory course in probability and statistics to undergraduates and graduate level courses in Health Economics, Risk Assessment, and Risk Management.  He has twice won "Professor of the Year" award for his teaching in the Masters of Health Administration program.

Research Interests
Environmental health risk assessment
Uncertainty analysis
Policy formulation
Risk assessment and management
Mathematical modeling
Burden of disease assessment and summary measures of population health
Environmental health
Bayesian methods
Decision analysis

Selected Publications

Peterson Emily, Amira Aker, JinHee Kim, Lennon Li, Kevin Brand and Ray Copes, “Lung-Cancer Risk from Radon in Ontario, Canada:   How many lung cancers can we prevent?” Cancer Causes and Control, August Cancer Causes Control (2013) 24:2013–2020 [DOI 10.1007/s10552-013-0278-x]

Welch V, Kevin Brand, E. Kristjansson, J. Smylie, G. Wells and P Tugwell “Systematic reviews need to consider applicability to disadvantaged populations: inter-rater agreement for a health equity plausibility algorithm”, BMC Medical Research Methodology 2012, 12:187 (

Welch V, M Petticrew, E Ueffing, MB Jandu, K Brand… (2012, May).  “Does Consideration and Assessment of Effects on Health Equity Affect the Conclusions of Systematic Reviews? A Methodology Study” PloS one,

D. Krewski, Lemyre, …, K. Brand, and P. Mercier. Public perception of population health risks in Canada: Health hazards and health outcomes International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management 2009 - Vol. 11, No.3/4  pp. 299 - 318

Brand KP "Approximations and Heuristics for the `Cause Modified’ Life-table", Risk Analysis, 25(3) 695-709, 2005.

Brand KP, D. Krewski and JM Zielinski, "Residential Radon in Canada: An Uncertainty Analysis of Population and Individual Lung Cancer Risk", Risk Analysis, 25(2) 253-269, 2005.

Brand KP, P Catalano, JK Hammitt, L. Rhomberg and JS Evans, "Limits to empirical extrapolation studies: The case of BMD ratios", Risk Analysis, 21(4) 625-639, 2001.

Brand KP, L. Rhomberg and JS Evans, "Estimating noncancer uncertainty factors: Are ratios [of] NOAELs informative?" Risk Analysis, 19(2) 295-308, 1999.

Brand KP, et al, "Residual Perchloroethylene in dry-cleaned Acetate: The effect of pressing and extent of inter-dry-cleaner variability", J. Air Waste Manage. Assoc., 49: 213-218, 1999.

Dakins ME, J Toll, MJ Small, and KP Brand, "Risk-based environmental remediation: Bayesian Monte-Carlo analysis and the Expected Value of Sample Information", Risk Analysis, 16(1), 1996.

Brand KP, MJ Small "Updating uncertainty in an integrated risk assessment: Conceptual framework and methods", Risk Analysis, 15(6) 719-731, 1995.


Best MHA Prof of the year'', September, 2013.  Award from the 2014 MHA class
Best MHA Prof of the year”, September, 2011.  Award from the 2012 MHA class


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